How Will They Find You?

Every business needs new customers and clients and every business needs an online presence.

Why? Because the business world is changing, and how people find what they are looking for has changed.

Local consumers used to use the phone directory to find the products and services they were looking for – not so much any more. These days more people use search engines like Google – a lot more! Some statistics suggest that 78% of consumers use search engines to find local businesses.

As a matter of interest, last year when the new phone directories were delivered to our building – no one, including me, took one. Weeks after the delivery our building manager tossed them all in the recycle bin :o(

These days when people are looking for something, most people look online. This is true for specialty products and also true when they are looking for local products and services. When they search online – will they find you, or will they find your competition?

An online presence isn’t just for online retailers anymore – it’s equally as important for your local business!

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